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It’s Not Just a Photo

One of our projects was shooting portraits for church photo directory. This would be a fun and challenging project that would provide a much needed resource for our church. Our goal was to provide a very unique directory that allowed people’s personalities to shine through the photos. Too many church directories use standard head shots and we wanted to add some creativity. I thought this project would be about shooting and organizing portraits. I was very mistaken.
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The Great Walmart XBox Adventure

This story begins with some house visitors who decided to permanently borrow a bunch of electronics and other things from my house. They impolitely opened the back sliding door with a universal key (crowbar) and then went shopping. I came home from shooting some awesome tulip pictures in the Skagit Valley and found the house in disarray (more than usual, that is) and stuff gone. Thinking such behavior was rather rude I called the Sheriff’s office and that’s where the story begins. Continue reading The Great Walmart XBox Adventure