Project List

Projects in alphabetical order by Project Name & Company

Project Type Company Description
C-TRIPS Application, Manual Telxon RF Interactive Prompting System that later became RF Express
C/C++/RAMSaver Training Class Telxon Designed & taught programming class to systems engineers
D&R System Application, Manual Intermec, EDP, Mailing Systems Used by major mailer to print D&R tags
Emery Worldwide Application, Manual Telxon Scan & Load prototype
Home Design Prototype Application Barcodes West Prototype in-store wireless literature ordering system
Kaiser Permanente Application, Manual Intermec Materials Management Workstation (ordering, asset tracking)
Knowledgebase Proposal/Product Knowledgebase Intermec Knowledgebase used in developing detailed proposals
Knowledgebase Technical/User/Support Knowledgebase Microvision Knowledgebase for users, developers, and product support
MailMover Application DeCoven System to scan, weigh, log, and direct mail tray on a conveyor system
Mill Site Surveys Site Surveys Telxon RF site surveys for hardwood mills throughout Washington and Oregon
Pocket Pole Track
Pole Track Palm
Application, Manuals Hayton Systems Used by telecom companies to track and inventory equipment placed on utility poles (User Manual)
Protocol Documentation Application, Manuals Microsoft Worked on a variety of low-level protocol documentation
Scanner SDK SDK/API & Documentation Microvision API to access scanner SDK functionality for C++ & .NET
Scanner Technical Manual Documentation Microvision Complete on-line user/technical manual
Seamless Ordering (Legacy) Application, Manual MarketOrder
Seamless Ordering (Prototype) Application, Manual MarketOrder
SparQ Handheld Application, Manual Hayton Prototype handheld application for the SqarQ asset tracking system
STATSCAN Application, Manual Telxon Evidence tracking for California Municipal Courts
Tag&Bag System Application, Manual Intermec, EDP, DeCoven Used by major mailer to print tray/sack/ACT tags
User Manual Reviews Documentation Intermec Reviewed a variety of manuals for technical accuracy
VA Hospital Site Surveys Intermec Site surveys of very large hospital campuses
Valystics Data Formatting Data Formatting App Abacus Appraisal Database migration software for real estate appraisal data scrubbing (King/Snohomish, multiple formats to XML)
Websites Updates, Migrations Various Content updates, database migrations, etc.

Customers (alphabetical): Abacus Appraisal (data conversion), Applause(site survey), Blue Cross (D&R, Tag&Bag), BMG (D&R, Tag&Bag), Boeing (tool room), CA Municipal Courts (asset tracking), California Parks Service (POS handheld terminal), Certified Grocers (ordering application), DDD Company (D&R System), Denver Presort (D&R, Tag&Bag), EDS (D&R, Tag&Bag), Emery Worldwide (Scan & Load prototype), Fred Meyer (RF applications, site surveys), Intermec, Kaiser Permanente (inventory), MarketOrder (seamless ordering), Novus – Discover Card (D&R, Tag&Bag), PSI (D&R, Tag&Bag), Shell Oil, Sky Mail (D&R, Tag&Bag), SW Bell (D&R, Tag&Bag), Texaco (D&R, Tag&Bag), Telxon, TSYS (D&R, Tag&Bag), USAA (D&R, Tag&Bag), Verizon, WAMS (D&R, Tag&Bag)